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Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Healing Therapy is a powerful, non-invasive healing modality that uses sound vibration to re-harmonize and attune the human body and energy fields. It has been used successfully to treat a wide variety of conditions by unblocking or releasing energy disturbances in and around the body, and is an effective way to create heart+mind coherence. 

Not only is high-frequency sound energizing, uplifting, and relaxing, but it also has many positive effects on both conscious and unconscious levels. I am certified in the Infinite Energy Method, which uses a four-pronged approach of tuning fork sound therapy combined with traditional Chinese medicine, applied kinesiology, energy medicine, and chakra therapy.

I've personally found the biofield timeline repatterning and chakra therapy methods very effective. I've experienced firsthand how sound frequency can recondition the nervous system and restructure the energy fields and geometries that exist within and around the body. 

My fundamental approach in a session is to use sound and chakra therapy to remove the noise that is clouding a person’s energy field so their natural coherence can be fully experienced, leading to improved physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

I'm excited to share this with you! If you are interested in an in-person (Calgary) or remote session, or if you'd simply like to learn more about this incredibly powerful healing modality, click the button below and I'll respond to you with more information. 

Love and blessings! 

Brenda xo 

Sound Healing: About Us
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