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Testimonials: Testimonials
Orange Flower

"Brenda is a gifted teacher who has found her true calling in the sharing of Kundalini yoga. Within moments of my first class, I was enveloped by a strong sense of safety which allowed me to go deeply into the profoundly powerful exercises. With Brenda’s loving and compassionate guidance, I was able to awaken an energy that has long been dormant within me."

Patti W


"Brenda, I so appreciate your calm, clear and loving approach to teaching Kundalini yoga. I always leave your classes feeling truly nourished in body, mind and spirit. Thank you!!"

Julia B

Lily Flower

"Brenda plans wonderfully rich, balanced classes.  During her classes I experience physical challenge, spiritual inspiration and complete relaxation ... all with a sprinkle of loving humour."

Rose M

White Flowers

"Brenda’s classes are carefully crafted into movements, meditations and breathwork with purpose that strengthen the body while opening the mind and heart. Brenda's heart is wide open and her class is a place to learn and grow and stretch your whole being. At the end of a class you will feel alive and strong and grounded and radiant. I can’t wait for her next session…"

Marie S

Lotus Flower

"I feel I am experiencing Kundalini yoga in a new way under Brenda's warm guidance. There is a gentleness and wisdom to her approach that leaves me with a rich and wholistic view of this ancient practice. Her lens invites a sense of community and healing that I look forward to each week."

Michelena B


"I had the pleasure of joining Brenda in a four-part series of yoga classes. Brenda is a natural instructor and a joy to be in the company of. She led us through breath work, chanting and meditation during each class. I found that my first experience has helped me to stay in the present. I have never felt so centered and relaxed."

 Cathy G 


“Brenda is pure gold. Under her loving guidance, I always feel connected, supported and closer to who I Am. With an open heart, she shares deep Universal wisdom and meets you where you are at. Brenda is an uplifting, graceful and beautiful being of light who holds space for all.”

Melanie C

images (1).jpg

"Brenda’s class was my first true Kundalini class and it exceeded my expectations a hundred-fold. The class somehow left me both invigorated and grounded. Brenda was able to explain the purpose and outcomes of the breath work and movements in a way that made the class so meaningful and powerful. I will definitely be signing up for any of her future classes!"

Michelle M

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Image by Sean Oulashin

"Through the portals of silence, the healing sun of wisdom and peace will shine upon you."

 - Paramahansa Yogananda

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